Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Lost and found list

By Lucianne Poole
A sketch of a box containing a passport, a bone and a cat. "Lost and Found by Lucianne Poole" is written on the side of the box.
Here is an incomplete list of items I found (and left!) in a box next to a Staples photocopier on March 30, 2006. Think of this list as a cautionary tale ie. check the photocopier when you're done.
  1. One maroon passport printed in Arabic
  2. One marriage certificate, dated 2005 (Picton, Ontario)
  3. One wedding photograph
  4. One list of frequently asked questions about evolution downloaded from the Internet
  5. One mental health assessment
  6. One worn paperback entitled Feel the Fear and Do it Anyways by Susan Jeffers, PhD
  7. One handwritten bill for a $245.00 lock from Avenue Lock on Bank Street
  8. One certificate for 100 shares in 11351320 Ontario Limited, dated November 19, 1999.
  9. One T4 slip for the 2005 tax year
  10. One collection of recipes, including one for Scottish raisin scones, handwritten in a journal printed with a Lord of the Rings motif and entitled A Hobbit’s Travels.
  11. One current Ontario drivers license
A note was attached to the box: “Originals should be discarded after two months”.

I submitted this list to Geist magazine, which publishes such ephemera, but they never replied.

Have you ever found anything interesting in a photocopier?


  1. Of all of these, I regard raisin scone recipe as most valuable. . .

  2. Yes, it's too bad I didn't think to copy the scone recipe. In this post, I was tempted to link to a version of the recipe, but that would not have been authentic.