Wednesday, 6 February 2013

My anticlimactic bike accident

By Lucianne Poole

Sketch of a 10-speed bike
I wrote this prose poem years ago when I was stuck in the humbling limbo that finds new and unemployed university graduates living with their parents in the 'burbs.

I fell off my bike today
On my parent's driveway.
I grazed my knee.
The flesh unbroken
but angry red.
My mother picked up my bike
and pumped up the tires.
I got back on
and peddled tentatively.
It was easier to balance.
I am 23.

Have you ever been involved in a mildly humiliating bike accident?


  1. I'm sure I have, but I've repressed the memory. All I have is an image of black grease and gear marks on pale blue bell bottoms.

  2. Thanks for sharing your repressed memory, David! Sorry to hear about the ruined bell bottoms. My 1980s 10-speed Raleigh shredded a few pairs of jeans (mostly my brothers' which I borrowed without asking).